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Universal symbols have become such for their ability to immediately evoke life’s great events: the arch of the sky, the line on the horizon, a starry sky, the sun, the moon, the foliage of trees, the waves in the sea,  springtime, the verticality of a tree and of a person, motherhood.

Each line, shape and color suggesting such events evokes memories of ancestral collective experiences.
These images are archetypes. The lines and shapes of our “cases”, developed vertically, create an internal landscape which takes us back to earth, to the horizon, to the sky, to the poetry of our first contemplation of the world we live in.

The great language of art and of sculpture has its origin from this ancestral human experience. 
I do not believe in the modern concept of man completely detached from this experience, I believe that human beings can find their identity only through the discovery and acknowledgment of the world they live in.