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Sense of belonging

Sense of belonging is the origin of our feelings and makes us feel part of the great humanity we were born into and live in. Modern times materialism neglects and denies this aspect of life.

Beauty helps us seek a loving connection with the world we live in. Beauty does not only relate to art works (paintings, sculptures, music, architecture): a work of art is just a representation of beauty, where harmony and life are expressed through colors, shades, light and shapes.

The greatest beauty comes from the feeling of mutual love and trust between individuals and between us and the universe. Beauty is an inner language which originates from bliss and is passed on through our work.

Work is always communication: the beauty of our structures find its deepest roots in the Paleolithic age, in the Middle Ages and in the modern poetics of Mies Van de Rohe, Louis Kahn and Alvar Aalto.